Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adirondack update

One of my readers pointed out that in December, I took a pick of my Adirondacks and mentioned that I was going to have to sand and stain them this Spring b/c I left them out all winter....and if you are a REALLY faithful follower then you would know that I did sand and stain them. This was my first time to tackle a project like this on my own. They look really good, but just in case you decide to tackle this yourself - you should know that you need to lightly sand in between coats of stain. OOPS. Again, they look good!!

The damn birds pooped on my chair....

A few weeks ago I was outside after a storm and caught a pic of this beautiful cloud. Just thought I would share. Pics like this make me believe in heaven and angels. Don't really take this statement too seriously, I do believe, just some days more than others.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandy I am so happy for you!!

If you haven't checked out today.....(and I can't imagine ANYONE who hasn't!!)...go NOW.

SANDRA BULLOCK HAS ADOPTED A BABY!! Yeah for her. I find it amazing that she did this in January and the news has only come out now. Kudos to her for knowing exactly who she can trust with a secret. I am so happy that focusing on Little Louie has given her some peace and ability to cope with her ass of a husband.

I also have to say that I was excited Julia Roberts was once again one of People's 50 most beautiful people. I really love her. She is just so naturally pretty, and I find, as a redhead, it is really hard to be naturally pretty (I can't say I have mastered that). My sweet mother would disagree, but I NEED makeup!!

Have a good day!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A few postive moments from the weekend

1. I mowed the yard on Friday and my roommate told me that my lines were straight. This is a big deal!! I always get hell from him about my lines and my general response is that at least it is done. I really do try hard, but sometimes I just can't get them right.

2. I sat in the car for about 7 hours and did not bitch once about my butt hurting. It really never hurt b/c my focus was on my calves - I went to a new workout on Thursday and I could barely walk Sat. AM. I did mention my calves hurting once or fifteen times.....

3. I ran a 4 mile race and decreased my time by :30 sec each mile...and celebrated with Amusing Red's form of cocaine - Krispy Kremes!! Downed six of those babies yesterday. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM. Nothing like a warm glazed donut.

4. I took apart my vacuum - and put it back together!! So what if it took me a good hour to figure it out, I felt damn accomplished. And so what if the reason I had to take it apart was to get the hair clog out of the beater is the terrific outcome that is my focus - a working machine :) Honestly, I was going to show you a pic of the hairball, but thought you guys may never come back.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another blonde moment

Just in case Monday's post wasn't enough to make you feel smarter than is yesterday's dumb moment:

I am responsible for sending out emails for a group I am in. The emails are reminders about meetings, sign ups for functions, general correspondence, etc. Well, I can manually email out reminders, or set these up automatically. I received an email in my inbox yesterday that I did not remember sending, so immediately I email the President of the club and apologize that I fell down on my job. (I just started the job a few weeks ago, so I felt bad that only 2 weeks in, I was already falling down on my responsibilities). I get an email back from the President saying - LOL - you sent it.

Apparently, I got really ahead of myself and set up some auto email reminders. I find it amazing that I forgot this in such a short time span.....however, I am just glad I am doing such a great job at teaching my followers to laugh at themselves every once in a while, if not daily (like me!).

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Wanted to Make You Feel Smart Today

So last weekend I took my car to get the oil changed. I usually reserve this for my roommate (I tell him that is one of the reasons I wanted to get married, to have a man take car of car issues), however, he is busy with work and I was way overdue.

They scan the barcode in my door and tell me it will be about an hour. I then stroll around Wal-Mart for about 25 minutes and hear on the loudspeaker Mr. Roommate, your car is ready. I thought to myself, that is strange that someone with my roommates name is getting their car serviced the same time as I am. About 2 minutes go by and the light bulb came on! They were calling me!! MY car was done. It is simply registered under my roommates name.

I shall keep the car chores to my roommate.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Identity Crisis

I am not a die hard feminist or anything, but today, I was wondering why in the hell did I have to change MY last name?? I am sure my roommate would have been fine with me keeping my other name, we never really discussed it, however, it has been a pain in the ass for the past few years to remember "who" I am to different people.

For instance, today I was blessed with an email hacker. I get in touch with AOL, and their first question: What is your account name? Well, I have had this since 2001, can't remember if I changed my name in their system or not. So I tell them the situation. I am sure this was somewhat of a red flag. They then ask me my Mother's middle name - I tell them the answer. That is wrong. Apparently, at some point, my roommate had changed this to HIS mother's middle name. UGGH!

Seriously, in all fairness, it might be nice to have a new ritual of creating an alternative name. Yes, I know this will mess up genealogy, but really, aren't we all from apes anyway?

Here are my options that I came with:

Monday, April 12, 2010

TGIM (Monday)

Thank goodness its Monday, because I think I was trying to kill myself with chores over the weekend. Totally self induced, no one to blame but myself. The weather was so beautiful I thought I HAD to take advantage of it!!


Up at 6 a.m.
Ran my first 5K
Came home and ate second breakfast with roommate
sprayed round up on grass in mulch around trees
mulched trees
went to ace hardware
sanded, cleaned, varnished Adirondack chairs
planted some flowers
went to Wal-Mart
sanded, cleaned, spray painted patio set
changed sheets on bed
washed sheets
worked for roommate
went to Target
picked up Pizza
ate Pizza
shopped online

Did about the same think on Sunday as most items needed a second coat of paint/varnish. Whew! Feels good to be sitting in my chair at my desk!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Liter

I forgot to brag about this...

So, during the Big 12 tournament, I was able to drink like a champion. Give me a break, we all need to let loose every now and then! The bar we were at asked me and a few friends what size of beer we wanted. I am not sure who ordered them, but we got liters. And, this was after drinking for several hours already! So, here is is, proof I downed a liter.

I know, proof would be the empty glass, but I don't have pic of it, you will just have to trust me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Interesting Sayings

So my Mom used to always say "Hard as a Brick Bat". I say this often, not really knowing what it means, but I love the saying. My roommate, not one to just acquiesce, has asked me several times what it means. I had no clue. I love using sayings, and I just apply a meaning to them that works for whatever situation I choose.

Ok, so just for a little education, here is what it means:
a “brickbat” is a piece or fragment of a standard building brick, usually less than half the size of a full brick but, according to brickbat purists, retaining one unbroken end of the brick. As the Oxford English Dictionary explains, the “brickbat” has always been an instrument of social disorder: “It is the typical ready missile, where stones are scarce.” “Brickbat” is also a very old word, first found (so far) in print in 1563, used in a typically violent context (”She sent a brickbat after him, and hit him on the back”).

It seems that most people use this saying when referring to food, such as stale bread. I use it for lots of things, now you can too!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

4 Eyes

Wouldn't it be great to be a kid again and walk around in these "glasses" feeling like you are the cutest thing in the mall???

Thursday, April 1, 2010