Friday, January 28, 2011


Mickey, Minnie, let's go to the park so you can ride your bikes. OK!!

Got on my PJ's - check
Got on my Boots - check
Rocking the bed head - check


I put them up on this tree (posing them) b/c it was a cool tree. I then noticed how funny their outfits were....who cares, still a nice memory for Auntie.

Little Miss can ride really fast (faster than I can drive she kept saying) on her new bike. She was hot and next thing I know she had her shirt up like this. I died laughing b/c I used to do this.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shake N Bake

So this is no joke, I used Shake N Bake for the first time last night and it was surprisingly delicious. No, it was not my Mother's fried chicken nor was it KFC, but it was juicy and tasty. (anything is better than my fried chicken that I tried to make this summer!! Remember that????) I of course kept repeating the commercial with my southern accent, "It was shake n bake n I helped!". I know, annoying, but that is what you get when you live with me.

A few random things:

I love the show Storage Wars. The characters they have on the show are complete tools but it is very interesting to watch. When my roommie told me about this show I am pretty sure I rolled my eyes, however, I have watched at least 8 episodes and enjoy the mystery of what is in the units as well as making fun of the "characters" on the show. It is on A&E.

Here is my run down: Dave - he is a jerk and know it all and makes the most annoying sound when he bids; Barry - he seems rich, not sure if he is, and this is what he does for a past time which is a little strange; Brandy and Jarrod - they own a thrift store and spend money ridiculously (like their rent money to buy storage units) and fight like cats and dogs, but if I was married to Jarrod I would fight with him too; and Darrell who is a meathead, he is somewhat tolerable but yet I wouldn't want to spend time with him b/c he wears cut off shirts and I don't like that.

I don't watch American Idol but caught wind of the story of Chris Medina. I thought that I took the last nice guy off the market, but I guess there are still nice guys out there. Very touching story. Worth the 5 minutes.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Warmth

Miss Jordy Belle is a cuddle bug. Problem is, her Momma won't sit still on the couch long enough for Jordy to get nice and cuddled in. Jordy resolved her own problem - she plopped herself up in this basket that houses an afghan my Mom knitted (or is it crochet? lord help me!).

She stays nice and toasty by the fireplace.

As much as she is annoying, she is oh so cute. I am sure that is how my roommate feels about me! ha!

Monday, January 24, 2011


We went to see The Fighter this weekend. Good movie. I am perplexed at why something I said was funny...At the beginning of one of the boxing matches, I leaned over to my roommie and asked why weren't they wearing helmets?

He looked at me and laughed. Well, I still don't know why this was a stupid question. He then brought it up a day later laughing at me and for the life of me I don't get why that was dumb/funny.

I thought that boxers wore protection, but apparently not????

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Won, Sort of

...this morning I had Court. I admit I try a bit harder to look decent on Court days, but I have a cold and I really wasn't feeling too hot this morning. However, my client's husband informed me that I won the best looking lawyer award. Ummm....awkward!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OK, so tell me what we are doing

...this is what I say before my roommie and I try to do any project together. Lately it has been furniture moving. Can I just say UGGGH. Even if I was really strong I think I would still hate this. It is absolutely NOT intuitive to me that you turn something a certain way to get it to fit in this small door way. I have to ask the plan first or else I end up crying, dropping it, running into something or just plain giving up. This is not to say that even if I know the plan that I am able to execute it. Sounds romantic, doesn't it?? :)

The other day we were helping a friend move some things at her house and she commented that it is smart of me to always ask what we are doing first. Hmmmm....pretty sure that is NOT what he thinks!! Maybe this is a version of men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random NY stuff

We arrived in NY days after the huge snow storm. So for our whole trip, it was wet and muddy. I gladly wore my warm Ugg-like boots everyday. Good thing I did because at least once a day I would step in the largest puddle I could find. I started finding it humorous after a while that I could continuously be so dumb.

This lady obviously had no clue that melting snow = mud, or else she would not have worn her precious boots to the game. How do I know they were precious to her??? She COMBED them during the game.

Here is the beer pull from the wheat beer we drank New Years Eve. Maybe it is funnier when you are 3 beers in, however, I still find it funny.

Here is the view of the person I stood behind right before the NY eve excitement. Yes, it is crack (butt, that is). I couldn't resist.

And last but not least, a really crappy picture of Donnie Walhberg. My next investment needs to be a high speed camera. But then I would bitch about carrying a big camera......

Thursday, January 6, 2011

More NY - Hotel

We splurged on our trip to New York and decided to stay in Times Square. Since we were going to be in town for New Years, we thought this was the only way to do it. You know how it is searching for a hotel online, usually just as many people complain about the hotel as people who like it. We ended up being very happy with our choice, as the room was a good size, it was clean (although we didn't think to check for bed bugs, however, we seem fine), and it was a wonderful location.

We stayed at the Millenium on Broadway Hotel. I found myself asking my roommate so very often when we were walking and approaching Broadway, is this where we turn? He never said, dumbass, what part of Millenium on Broadway do you not get? Nice boy.

View from our room, on the 47th floor.

Here is the front of the hotel at night. Hotels in Times don't really have huge grand entrances, you can easily walk right by them without noticing.

View on New Years Eve. People stood out on the street for 12+ hours. Absurd. Again, the luxury of having your hotel in Times Square.

Just a side note here - if you visit NY during a snow storm, you probably shouldn't park your car on the street....that is if you want to drive it for the next month.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year (5 days late!)

Happy New Year!!! 2011 started as a pretty exciting year, so I am ready for whatever the year has to bring me.

I do have to look back to 2010 and mark the year of 2010 as the year that I became more aware of how very important your senses are. You know, the big 5, sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. If you lost one of them, what would you want it to be? Hard to pick when these five "little" things shape our everyday life in ways you can't even begin to imagine until you are faced with losing one of them. As most of you know, my sister had a short bout without her sight, and while it is not completely back, she has the sense of vision back to a greater degree than we ever thought possible. It is a true miracle in my eyes. From this experience I am trying to look up and just thank someone up there for the little things every day.

I must also comment that today is my Mom's birthday. She isn't really into birthdays or a big to-do, however, I know she reads this and I want her to know how much I love her. I am thankful for the true friendship we have.

OK - on to New Years!!

My roommate and I celebrated in Times Square. We were in New York for the Kansas State Pinstripe Bowl and our hotel was right in Times Square. It was our 2nd trip to New York, so we were a bit seasoned with the Subway (ok, there is no WE there, my roommate knows how to navigate the subway), the crowds in Times Square, were to shop, when to go, etc. I will do a better post on New York later.

Right in front of our hotel was where the VIP buses parked. VIP meant NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, and Jersey Shore folks. Yes, we saw Pauly D in person and yes, he is really that orange. No Snooki sighting, sorry folks. I hardly recognized any of the older stars as they have aged a lot since they were stars. We did recognized Donnie Walberg and my roommate fist pounded him. I know you all are jealous of all of this.....j/k.

My date for the night - he is camera shy. Hat provided courtesy of restaurant.

Our view of confetti as the New Years rang in: