Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dating in the Dark

This is my new favorite reality show. It is sooooo interesting. 3 men and 3 women all meet in a dark room, get to know each other in the dark and go on dates in the dark. Then, after the few meetings, they get to decide who they want to see in the light. After seeing the person in the light, they decide if they want to go on a real date with them or not. It may sound corny, but it is really neat. Click here to watch the show.

I pretty much convinced myself that my roommate would not be interested in me b/c I might be too loud at first for his taste. He says he liked my personality first. guess that means I "grew" on him a little bit!! I went on a blind date ONCE in college and I will NEVER do it again. It was an awful experience - he wasn't really ugly or smelly, he was CHEAP!! I guess he worked at the theatre (strike one) and he admitted to me he got our tickets free (strike two) and then he said that if I wanted a drink or popcorn I could buy it (strike three). PUHLEEZE!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thirty and....

happy!! Seriously, I am. Admittedly I am not where I thought I would be when I planned out my life at age 10, yet I am so much farther. In my scheme of life I thought I would be working for a company with two kids by now. So I'm not there yet with the kid thing, but boy have I accomplished and done so much more than I dreamed of.

Stop reading and skip to the pics, next part is a bit mushy.

First, I found such a great life mate. He challenges me daily and while it pisses me off sometimes, I really do love it (and him).

Second, I am at a great level of friendship with my family. My parents are still my parents, and I look to them for guidance, but mostly they are my friends. I enjoy their company and wish I had more time with them. I love my niece and nephew as if they were my own and this has allowed my sisterhood with my sister to evolve. And finally, my brother and I are on great terms. We communicate so much better than we used to and enjoy the times when we get together. I also have a great "in-law" family and am so lucky to have great relationships with all of them, especially since they live close to me.

Third, career wise I am at a great place. I NEVER thought I would be a business owner, but am loving it. I still have a long ways to go, but so far things are going great.


The main thing I look forward to in my thirties: No more zits. Please, god, tell me this happens. I thought they ended after high school, but I still am blessed with several.

So my roommate and I went on our anniversary/birthday weekend and had a great time. I may be thirty, but I am still goofy. We went to eat at this new restaurant and I had noticed several desserts with candles, so as my dessert was coming out I said "Oh how cute, they put candles on all their desserts!" Roommate laughs. Then my plate gets closer to me and it says Happy Birthday on it. OOPS!

Here are some pics:

We also had some awesome white wine sangria. so delicious!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Think We'll Make it to Three!

Didn't want to write about my anniversary and then jinx myself, however, after what happened last night I am for sure we can make it to three years. Get up out of the gutter followers, b/c I know that is where your minds just went!!

Here is what I bought my roommate for his anniversary present:

The maiden voyage of the wireless headphones was last night and it was heaven!! I slept like a baby. I did not have to wake up 3 or 4 times bitching b/c it is too loud, turn the channel, etc. etc. Now that I am equipped with my sleep mask and he is equipped with his headphones, we are a match made in heaven!! I know, sexy!! Maybe next year we will trade in the king bed for two double beds. Look out Donna

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ahh, Reminiscing

So this time two years ago my brother, Mom and I were trapped in my basement. Was the door locked? No. Was someone holding the door shut? No. Did we trap ourselves in a closet? No. IT WAS WILLIE. He went berserk the day before our wedding. Unfortunately he chose to go crazy on the stairs of the basement and he would not let anyone near him or let us go up the stairs. I know it sounds crazy that a 15 lb cat is holding three adults hostage, but it is the absolute truth. Willie would not even be lured by food, he was out of his mind. I was so desperate I called my roommate (b/c he was golfing) and informed him that I was calling animal services to have him picked up. That obviously did not sit well so our last resort was to find a way to force him up the stairs. Luckily my basement serves a storage area. My brother took an old comforter and he and Willie went to war. Brad did not come out of the war without some wounds, but he finally got Willie to move.

So what caused this?? Well, I had my flowers in my basement and I believe he chewed on some flowers that caused him to be psychedelic. Word to the wise: Don't feed your cat live flowers.

P.S. I understand this story sounds lame, but it was a terrifying moment in my pre-wedding jitters.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amusing Red Got Leid

Yup.....its official, I was leid on Saturday!! About 1:00 a.m. Sunday I thought I was going to be laid to rest I was so sick. You would think I would learn my lesson, but the problem was that there were three different drinks that sounded oh so good AND I had TWO new coozies that I had to use, so obviously I HAD to mix drinks on Saturday.

A special shout out to all my friends who made the event possible. Here are a few picks, more to post later when I get them.

I just arrived. It seriously took me about a minute to realize that it was a luau. Guess you don't grow out of dumb blonde-ness.

Hitting a pinata is a lot of fun. I would recommend it for any party!!

Check out the awesome cake Chef Kristi made. Pretty awesome huh?

My boobs and everything went downhill from was sooo much fun while it lasted!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Willie is still alive too!

And he is still spoiled rotten.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Alive

My mom called me and was worried that I haven't blogged for over a week. She then asked if my life has been "boring". Well, it hasn't been boring, but not exactly exciting either. My summer has been full of work so far, but don't feel sorry for me yet, we have a few vacation weekends coming up late in the summer.

I promise to try and entertain you with something in the next few days!!