Monday, March 28, 2011

Willie Spotlight

Admittedly, I was worried our first-born would feel slighted when his little sister joined the roost, but the proof is in the pictures - he is just fine. We recently bought new couches and his favorite spot is on the top of the cushions. I would have taught him (ha!) that he needs to rotate cushions so he breaks them down evenly. I can't really say he is listening.....

Even with all of his late night bar brawls, he is still as beautiful as he was during his modeling days.

Willie does not enjoy small children or loud people (especially my Dad). Shark Boy and Lava Girl (they re-named themselves) were visiting this week and they were thrilled when Willie joined them for breakfast. I had to be honest and tell them he is using them - he is only being nice hoping for a drink of milk. Lava Girl gladly obliged.

Now for a totally different Willie!!

We anchored our blow up Willie on the landing of our stairs hoping it would bring us good luck in the tournament. He didn't, but it was fun having our rather large visitor join the party.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last week I was scared half to death (My heart literally HURT!!) when I was walking out to my car as I was leaving a friends house and I saw a long tail. I heard scurrying, and after I was safely in my car, I shined my lights in the bushes and saw a possum. I took the best picture I could. The creature is right up by the light. His beady little eyes are in my memory as I speak this. ICK, ICK, ICK. I pray that my cats are able to chase away any potential possum residents.

As I was driving home, I called my roommie to inquire about the "danger's" of possums. I just don't believe that they are harmless. They are too ugly to be harmless.

Totally unrelated, but whatever..
We went to the Mecum car show this weekend. Great people watching event. I was entertained, but certainly had a time limit of probably 5 hours at something like this. I also know that I should never bid on anything b/c I would just get to caught up in the bidding war. It is sooo exciting!! I would sort of get mad at someone when they quit bidding (I would think, buzz kill (even though I wasn't drinking)).

The thing about Mecum is that they allow any cars to be auctioned. I got a laugh out of this car - I am pretty sure my grandma had a coral colored Lincoln like this one. I never considered this a "classic" car and the bidders didn't either.

They also allow monster trucks. This is an Escalade that has been ruined.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cold or Allergies???

....I really don't care what it is, but I just need to know how to make it go AWAY!! Last time I went to the Dr. he suggested to take Claritin or Zyrtec regardless if I think it is a cold or allergies. I decided to take something before bed last night as I had this drip that would not quit. I took Non-Drowsy Claritin, but honestly did not think that non-drowsy would = no sleep. Admittedly, my "drip" is better, but now I am exhausted. I think I got out of bed at minimum 10 times and tossed and turned at least 100 times.

The sole reason for posting this is to let you know that it is probably not a good idea to take non-drowsy Claritin before bed. My suggestion is to take 1 1/2 times the dosage of Nyquil. You will sleep like a baby :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signs of Life

There is nothing that can help you get over the winter blues than seeing signs of life in your flower bed. (I personally have enjoyed the snow, but am also ready for warmth).

I reorganized my flower beds and had some new landscaping put in, so I am very excited to see how it flourishes and fills in.

Signs of life:

No idea what bulb is coming up here.

And these little purple flowers are adorable, but not sure what those are either. (bad habit of mine to plant stuff and not remember what it is, good thing is, I can usually get it to grow)

I was even happy to see weeds!!