Monday, November 30, 2009

AhAAAHH Kansas!!

I love Kansas. This is where I am meant to be. It is clean, smells good (OK, cow manure and pig farms and meat packing plants can be bad), driver's use turn signals, we speak a language I can understand, it is not very humid and gratuity is my option (not automatically added to the bill).

Don't get me wrong people, I had a good time, I really did. However, I was glad to be back home. I promise to post some pics, there were some really beautiful views.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Viva Puerto Rico!!

I am on a hiatus until the first of December. If the hotel won't charge me an arm and leg to get online I may tease you with a bit of sand and surf to tide you over until my return.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! I am so truly thankful for all of my blessings, but lately have been extremely thankful that I still have my parents in my life. Two people very close to me have recently lost their mothers and my heart goes out them as I would be lost in this world without my parents. I am not sure I will ever fully grow up and not feel like their little dorky red-head freckle face girl.

Playing Nurse

I love to feel needed, like I am helping someone get better. I am a little squeamish, so therefore, the occupation of nurse or doctor is not fitting. My roommate has had a cold for about a week, however, after we came home from the FB game his cold had escalated. Since we are leaving on vacation on Wednesday, I decided to put my nursing skills in full motion. Let's be honest, my nursing skills really only involve allowing someone to sleep, helping them get things and making some simple meals. I have no idea what medicine to give someone.

I happily tell my roommate to go take a hot shower, get in bed, and I will bring up some soup and grilled cheese. I heat up the soup (I don't have time to make it from scratch and in my opinion, Campbell's Chunky rocks), make the grilled cheese, and make the cutest display by taking it up to him on a tray. I am beaming from ear to ear at this point. I am so proud of myself.

I come back into the room about 15 minutes later and his tray is clean. He thanked me, but for those of you that know me, I like a bit more praise than one thank you.
I asked him a day later, "Weren't you happy that I served you in bed? Weren't my nursing skills good?"
He promptly replies, "Of course, I thanked you that night."
My reply: " I know, but I thought you would say something more. Did you like the soup?"
His reply, " was cold!".
Me: (dying laughing and astonished) What??? It even exploded in the microwave and I had to clean it up. Why didn't you tell me?
Him: "Well, I didn't want to make you mad by having to go back downstairs."

So, I guess he nursed my ego while I nursed his cold.....pretty damn good match even though I fully expect him to tell me next time his soup is cold, even if I am serving him!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our 1st time, after 8 years together....

to go to the ER!!!

After all these years, I finally showed him who was boss....this will teach him to mess with me! Just kidding!!! My roommate, my own personal handy manny, was helping a friend and cut his hand while up in an attic removing a light. So, we had our first trip to the ER. Of course, my roommate did not want to go, (what man does), and was sooooo concerned how much it would cost (yes, we have insurance). Anyway, here is what we came home with (a couple stitches, a tetanus shot, and he got pizza for dinner):

Monday, November 9, 2009

Go Cats!

We FINALLY got redemption and beat the Hawks this Saturday! I was more relieved we won for personal reasons, as I did not know how I was going to stand the next 48-72 hours with my roommate as he rehashed the game. You know me, I really don't pay close enough attention to give good football, let's turn to shoes!!

Who would have thought ballet shoes would be such a trend at games?

KSU v. KU!! is because I can't find these anywhere!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wonder Why.....

Arkansan's get a bad rap???

Maybe it is because they choose to haul a trailer on top of a trailer in order to save a trip. Maybe Obama will give out some type of tax incentive for this hauler "going green".

NOTE: He pulled the boat and trailer on top of his car trailer with his 4-Wheeler. If that isn't genius, I don't know what it is.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Funny line

so my roommate and I are still Survivor fans (it is still a good show even if it is 10+ years old). There is one player, Russell (there used to be two Russell's but now we are down to one, however, I still call him fat Russell), who is such an HR nightmare. I would be embarrassed to watch myself on TV if I were Russell b/c he is so sexist, however, he is pretty sharp, and for an overweight guy, does really good in the challenges. Anyway, to my point. He uses all of the women to get people to vote his way. He thinks all women are dumb, and the women that show they have a brain he votes off. On the last survivor episode he said a really funny line: "Liz, she is so dumb I don't know how she walks without falling down"

Isn't that funny? We know some people like that, right? I sure hope I didn't prove Russell's point as I tripped up the stairs to my house this weekend......

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Crazy cat lady dressed her cats up again!!

My little ballerina:

and my not so skin and bones skeleton:

After a long night of trick or treating and then playing Wii, my little neighbor was so tired she fell asleep on the hardwood floor. Poor thing.