Friday, May 28, 2010

Not a good sign...

...when you see a firetruck make a U-turn!!!! I was on my way to work this AM and I saw a truck zoom by, then a minute or so later, saw them making a U-turn. OOPS! Guess everyone's GPS can be wrong every now and then!

I have a firetruck story:

One night I was woken up with a weird beep noise (my roommate was out of town working so I had to deal with this one my own). I had heard this a few times before, but couldn't place what it was until it completely woke me up and I realized it was my fire alarms. Oh well, just need to change the battery. Back to sleep. Not too long later, my alarms are going off. OMG, what the hell. Yes, I did get out of bed and found Willie and made sure (to the best of my ability) that there was no fire. The alarms then stopped. Back to bed again, annoyed. Not sure how much later but the damn things woke me up again - going off, full blast. I again made sure no fire, and went out on the front porch to wait this one out. I went around unplugging the alarms I could reach, flipped breakers, whatever I could think of. However, the alarms went on and off several more times during the night. SIDE NOTE: I admit, there were a few times I called my roommate screaming, crying, etc., you didn't think I was going to FULLY handle this on my own, did you?

At around 7 a.m. I called the fire department info line (not 911). I told them what was happening and requested for someone to come and make sure there wasn't anything wrong. I told them I was 99% sure there was no fire but I was so tired I just wanted some help. I requested for a few guys to just come over in their suburban or van, not to make a big scene. That is not what I got. I got the whole crew, huge truck and SIRENS!! I was mortified. No fire, just a bad alarm, and a few neighbors got a good laugh.

I was told the fire departments take safety precautions as they never know what they are going to find....I would say so!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I miss these days

About 20 years ago....(uggh, I can't believe I am writing something that is a 20 year old memory, that doesn't seem possible), my daily schedule was this:

1. Get up at 10:00 a.m.
2. Eat cereal
3. Call and annoy Mom at work, or see if she wrote my sister and I a note of chores to do.
4. Call and annoy Mom at work (I have no idea how she kept her job)
5. Unload half of the dishwasher
6. Tell my sister to do her half
7. Get annoyed that she wasn't doing her half and do it for her
8. Watch David the Gnome and other Nick shows
9. Watch Young and the Restless (maybe this is when I started to create a fantasy world).
10. Make the rounds of phone calls to see who was going to the pool that day.
11. Call and annoy Mom at work.
12. Eat lunch
13. Pack my bag and get ready for the pool.
14. My sister and I rode to Mom's work to annoy her some more.
15. Finally! Pool time!!

I really miss these days. It is funny to think that back then I thought I had it rough b/c I had to do chores! HA!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Redhead fun facts

I did not make this stuff up, nor did I check the accuracy. I received all of this information from

1. Red hair is the rarest color in humans. In the US it is estimated that we have anywhere from 2- 6 percent, and the US has the largest population of anywhere in the world.

2. People with red hair often have light eyes: Blue 45%, Green 24%, Brown 18%, Hazel 12%. (I have green, sister has blue)

3. Red hair is a recessive trait and can reappear after skipping one or more generations (exactly like my family!).

4. Redheads tend to be fiesty. (my roommate would say bitchy). I made this one up myself, but I certainly think it is true.

5. Redheads have to deal with a lot of stupid nicknames and grow a hard exterior. I made this one up too but again, it is true.

Thursday, May 20, 2010



My printer decided to eat a sheet of sticky labels, so my printer was jammed, and I couldn't get the full sheet pulled out of the roller b/c they were sticking to the roller. I tried for about 20 minutes to fix it, then just threw my hands up as I only paid $99 for the printer and it wasn't worth it to take it somewhere to get it fixed. I then move on with my day, and come across my HP printer booklet in my drawer. Well, I found out how to take the back off and then access the rollers from the back. Printer is back in business!!! I feel quite accomplished!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cops and Donuts

I was driving to another attorney's office this AM and saw traffic stopped and a line of cars. The cops were directing traffic due to the backup. No, not a wreck, it was the grand opening of Dunkin Donuts at 75th and Metcalf! I find it hilarious that this is such an occasion to require traffic control. OR is it that the cops want to show how important they are to get free donuts??? hmmmmmm.... J/K cop friends!

It reminds me of when I lived in Tulsa and a Krispy Kreme opened up. There was traffic control for MONTHS. Yes, warm Krispy Kreme glazed donuts are like legal cocaine, but it was amazing to me that day after day people would wait hours to get them. Embarrassing to admit, but I did wait in that line a few times :)

For the record, my roommate and I agree (yes, I know, hard to believe!) that Daylight Donuts are the best!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Last week was not a horrible week, however, every time I came to post something I talked myself out of it.

Here is a picture of my "brother and sister" who happily rode along with me to get my car washed. The brown one jumped in the car without me knowing, and the little black dog was whining at my door to come along - he saw his sister jump in. He is too fat to jump up in the car, hence the whining.

I have also spent too many minutes trying to cut down a video to share with you guys. Minnie loves to dance, and it is a mixture of cheerleading, stripper pole, jump rope, balancing and twirling....too cute to not share, however, you don't need to watch the 3 minute video, you get the funniest part about 15 seconds in as she is flailing her arms in the air, about to fall backwards as her eyes roll back in her head. I swear she was not drinking!

One other thing - I was at Home Depot a few weeks ago with my roommate as he is shopping for a new ladder. He told me to try and pick up the ladder. I looked at the label and said, I can't do that, it is 300 lbs. He informed me that it was rated for a 300lb person, it didn't weigh that much. OHHHHHH. So that is why Home Depot never called me about my application.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Elevator Farting

should be illegal!! Not only is it horrible to be in a box with a rank smell, it is worse when the culprit gets off the elevator, then you go down one floor in the stinky box, and the new people entering the elevator think it is you!!

I was tempted to say it wasn't me, but that makes me look guilty anyway. Mortifying, especially when they are people you will have to face again.

Anyway, Happy Cinco de Mayo!! When you are out of college, this holiday means nothing.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My little helper

I organized my spice cabinet this weekend and got a lot of help from my eldest....

Thank goodness his sister wasn't interested in helping b/c all of my organization would have been ruined!