Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Savannah Recap

Days 3 & 4 - these were the best two days of our trip. The weather was great, hotel was awesome and we enjoyed a very fun wedding. We stayed at the Westin hotel and if you are going to Savannah, splurge a little bit and stay here. It is one of the best resort hotels I have stayed at. They don't price gouge you on parking, resort fee was reasonable and they provided entertainment and activities that you were actually interested in (Jazz festival and oyster fest were the Friday and Saturday activities while we were there).

When I think about Savannah I think about the trees with moss hanging on them, lots of old, well kept homes and cute shops. The town is built upon squares (learned this on our tour), but I obviously didn't listen past that b/c I don't know how many squares there are or why it was started by squares. Anyway, all of the historic squares have beautiful greenery, usually a statue and some benches (like mini parks).

Hotel view from across the river:

View from our hotel room. I wanna go back!!!

The little ferry that would take us across the river to get to Savannah's shops.

A tugboat pic!! I just LOVE them!! I would squeal like a little kid every time I saw them. So amazing that the baby boat guides in the big boat. I will dedicate a post to them separately. I have lots of pictures to share.

Pic of the Kansas gals at the wedding:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hilton Head

My roommie and I went on a vacation to South Carolina and Georgia to attend a friend's wedding. While I did enjoy parts of our trip, it was certainly not a vacation you dream of. Days 1 & 2, we were in Hilton Head, SC. I would happily go back to Hilton Head to actually ENJOY the beach b/c the two days we were there it rained, rained, rained. I wanted to get out and do something so my brilliant idea was bike riding. Fun on the way down the beach, horrible on the way back as we are fighting the wind and rain.

Here are some memorable pics:

Our rental car - Dodge Challenger. Admittedly, I was initially upset about the "surprise upgrade" however, at the end of the day, it was fun to cruise around in a fun car. However, I quickly realized, I like 4 doors (can you say old!)

Jellyfish. We went for a romantic (ha!) walk on the beach the night before and I was scared to death b/c I did not want to set on a jellyfish. I was assured that I would see one before I stepped on it, however, flashlight and all, I did not enjoy the night walk on the beach.

Birds!! I did not take this - but I do like the picture.

Why can't I have sexy beach hair like Sports Illustrated models??

Rain, rain go away!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Horse Racing

I want to the horse races this weekend with my Mom at Oaklawn in Hot Springs, Arkansas. If you don't like horses, just go for the people watching!! I enjoyed both obviously!! I gambled with $100 and walked away with $73. Not bad considering I ate and drank off of that money too. Great company, entertainment and experience!

They're off..

Racing.... (obviously my pictures were not consecutive (see clouds v. blue sky)

The finish (the one person I could catch at the finish!)

Rolaids are sold at the bar - not sure if this is to try and cure your hangover or your sick stomach after losing too much money! (probably a bit of both)

The hats were great entertainment!! Apparently you can wear a hat with anything and it will still look awful!

Saved the best for last. This lady needs to fire her stylist or her family, whoever told her that this looks good. Not only does she need a bigger dress or more appropriate undergarments, this hat just adds pounds.

This guy looks like he is straight off the My Fair Lady set. Not sure if he will ever get a girlfriend at this rate.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Present to Myself

I drove up in the driveway to find this yesterday:

No, it is not a trash cart, it is my GRASS cart. I have wanted this for over a year now. My roommie told me that I could get one when our paper bags ran out, and this is right after he had bought them in bulk at Sam's. I HATE the paper lawn bags and apparently they HATE me to. My neighbors probably love them as they watch me out their windows laughing as I am wrestling with the paper sack, lawn bag and the clippings I try to get in the bag. UGGGH. It is really the worst part about mowing.

I fixed this problem for myself. By the way, I have also wanted one of those cute lawn wheelbarrows so now I can just wheel my cart around as I need it. In fact, right when I got home last night, I wheeled her up to my courtyard and began to fill it up.

The lawn cart has special air vents so it won't smell too bad, and it is picked up weekly along with my trash.

My roommie is expecting this to be a very bad idea, but I disagree. I expect to be a very happy consumer. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I drive a car. She is a Dodge Charger named Charley. It is a large car, but it is not meant to be a work-truck. You might thing, well, duh. However, sometimes I am forced to use Charley as a work truck b/c Charley's brother, Junior is at work with his owner.

On Sunday I was working on landscaping projects. In doing so, I made 4 trips to Wal-Mart. I can fit about 10 bags of mulch - the big 2 cubic feet ones and 10 bags of soil (40 lb bags). Now, I could probably fit a bit more if I put some up front, but I was just using the trunk and my back seat. All the way to and from work yesterday, I kept thinking to myself it smelled like mulch in my car. I made a mental note that I need to vacuum the trunk and then laughed b/c that will probably not get accomplished any time soon.

Last night I opened the door to my backseat to look for something and guess what I found?? 2 bags of mulch!!! Guess that explains the smell!! Gave myself a good laugh at least, and I guess I don't need car freshner for a while, I have bark scent.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Elephant and Shark

Sorry for the hiatus, I was on vacation for a week, then had to play catch up for a week. Sometimes it is hard to justify going on vacation considering how hard you have to work before and after. When I think about this, I just think about how my Mom would pack all 5 of us up for a week at the lake in the RV. I bet she just wanted to watch us all drive away and she stay at home to rest instead of getting in Luther and going to the lake with us. I always say to my friends now, "so this is why Mom was in a bad mood sometimes". Yup, I get it.

Anyway, let's look into goofy crap I do while traveling. First off, I usually fly Southwest. They publish this magazine called Spirit. It is a good read, and yes, I realize it is probably germ infested so I shouldn't read it.....anyway, I was entertained for a goof 45 minutes with an origami project. I turned a dollar into an elephant!!


Finished project:

Yes, his front leg is a little off, but jeez, pretty good I must say.

The first let of our vacation was Hilton Head. I will give HH its own post, but I have to laugh at these pics I found on my phone. I have about 45 more pics just like these. First off, you can't tell its a dolphin, it looks like a shark to me, and second, the pics do nothing to share the beauty of dolphins.

The dolphin tour we went on "guaranteed" a dolphin sighting. I thought this sounded pretty good, considering my Dad can't catch a fish somedays when he is out on the lake all day. Well.....we saw some dolphins alright, BUT in all honesty, the tour was a bit of a bust b/c we found out that there are 3 dolphins that lived in this harbor so it wasn't like we went and found dolphins out in the ocean by chance. I really can't bitch too much, I wanted to see a dolphin and darn it, I saw 3 dolphins.