Friday, October 22, 2010

Deodorant Issues

Some of you have heard this, so I apologize in advance. And I also apologize for not having a picture.

I am getting ready to take Sarah to a doctor appointment and put on a black cotton dress. I hate deodorant on my clothes (don't know who the heck likes it! and I know, they make clear deodorant, but it is sticky), so I always tuck toilet paper under my arm and then the extra deodorant goes on the TP instead of my shirt/dress.

We go to the Doctor. Sarah and I sit there for a good 15 minutes before she is called in. I stay in the waiting room as she goes into the Doctor. I am sitting there reading my magazine and I look down and notice something white sticking out the top of my dress. I take a second look and OMG it is the toilet paper!! I just about die laughing to myself as I pull out the TP and put it in my purse.

Afterwards, I show my sister the evidence of the mishap and tell her that she must either be really blind or mean b/c she let me go in public like that!! We met up with my parents later and I could hardly get out the story without laughing so hard I was crying. Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

I just read on another blog that when others remember you, they don't remember your figure or your clothes, they remember your smile and laugh. I sure hope this is true.

Monday, October 18, 2010

One thing after another

This past Friday, I decided to treat myself to some M&Ms. This is a big deal for several reasons. One, my cheap ass doesn't like paying 75 cents for a small pack of candy and I try to not eat candy at work b/c it is just a bad habit for the figure to get into. Anyway, I go to the vending machine and this happens! I ended up with 2 packages of M&Ms b/c my roommate advised me it is better to spend another 75cents and get two packs, than to spend money for nothing. Good reasoning.

I then had an hour to spare Friday evening before meeting KC at the movies. I was very excited to watch Grey's, as I like to watch it outside of the earshot of my roommate, as he does not share in my love for Grey's and Private Practice. What the hell, I can't get my cable to work! I spent about 30 minutes and 4 unanswered calls to my roommate, but don't worry, I got it figured out. Still have no idea what I did, but who cares, it is working again.

By the way, saw the new Katherine Heigl movie this weekend...story is predictable but good and Josh Duhamel is certainly worth 1.5 hours of your time!! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Jordy is such a good little helper around the house. She has to be involved in everything I am doing. She was most excited the last time she got to "help" clean the fish bowl.

She is keeping an eye on him while he is in his holding tank as I wash his bowl and rocks.

Her attempt to pet Quattro

By the way, I went to the Pet Store a few weeks ago and found some really cool stuff for Bettas. I know, it is a fish, get over it. I, for some reason, am very interested in my Betta being happy. Turns out that Bettas like perches or things floating to sleep or rest in so they don't have to work so hard. I got Quattro a floating log that I will show you sometime. They also like to keep warm, so I am going to buy a light so he doesn't freeze this winter.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bribery = Bowling

When I was in Arkansas last month, the kids were bribed to be good with a trip to the bowling alley. They were told if they were good at school and at home, on Thursday we would do something special. Well, Monday after school I pick up the kids and Minnie is half orange with marker. I asked her what happened and she very seriously said "marker war"! Mickey then quickly informed me that she did not get a smiley face b/c of the marker war....oh boy, looks like someone doesn't want their special treat!! So, to even it out I told Minnie she would have to do chores to make up for her behavior. She helped gather the trash, fold and put away clothes and pick up toys. This ended up backfiring on me b/c she was bragging to Mickey about her chores and what all she did, then Mickey wanted chores!! You really can't win with this parenting stuff.

Well....we made it through the next four days with no big issues, so off to Professor Bowl we went.

Thank goodness they only had the energy for one game, b/c bowling is expensive these days!! My parents put us kids into a bowling league when we were kids, so I have always liked to bowl. I am not an awesome bowler, but I did win a trophy one idea what it was for, possibly most improved!!

The bumpers for kids these days are pretty cool, they come up when it is the kids turn to bowl, then go down when it is the adults turn.

They look so cute in their shoes

Granny style! Bringing back old school!

This little guy is too manly for Granny style! It was a miracle he didn't throw the ball backwards.