Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wrong Way, Idiot

So I went to see the play Chicago, with my friend K this weekend. We have sort of cheap seats, so you need binoculars to see the actors bodies (yes, we wanted to check out the hot guys). This was the first time for us to actually remember the binoculars out of about 10 plays, as it was the first time there were scantily clad men! Anyway, we get in our seats, all ready to test out the binocs, I put them up to my face and I am pissed. I am looking through them and I can't see anything better, it looks farther away, like a tunnel. I am still holding them up to my face and I tell K, "These binocs are a piece of shit". K says "Oh darn". I then set the binocs in my lap and sulk for about 30 seconds, then I put them back up to my face and realize, I was looking through them backwards!! I could see much better when I was using them properly!! OOPS. For the record, they worked pretty good except you couldn't really see the actor's faces, but I think that was probably for the better, their abs were really all we needed to see!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just have to let you know that the Thin Mint Blizzard at Dairy Queen is delicious. I am a person that puts my Thin Mints in the freezer, so I knew it would delight my taste buds.

Also, Miracle Treat Day is tomorrow, August 13th. Dairy Queen donates its profits to Children's Miracle Network. http://www.miracletreatday.com/ GO GET ONE~

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hot Air Balloons

So here is a conversation I had last night:

Red (to roommate): I saw a hot air balloon today on my way home from work.
Roommate: Really, where?
Red: In the sky ( and honestly, I wasn't being a smart ass, that is just what came out of my mouth first).
Roommate: No shit in the sky!! Where in town?
Red: (Laughing) It was in the sky by my office.

We have at least one conversation like this per day. It's my life, gotta love it!!

As a side note...I used to watch this show on TLC called Perfect Proposal. This was a really pathetic time in my life as it was a three - five year span where every special occasion or anything out of ordinary had me convinced today would be the day I was getting engaged. Anyway, this show put crazy thoughts in my head and there was time where I wanted to get engaged in a hot air balloon. I really am glad it didn't happen that way thought b/c to tell you the truth, I am a bit horrified that my hair will go up in flames from the torch, or the basket door will swing open and I will fall out, or we would crash into a tree, etc.