Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Arm

I have been away at college for 8 days. I do miss my college days, however, my recent college experience was not as near as much fun as KSU days. I was attending trial college in Boulder, CO. 8 days with 50+ attorneys, interesting....

We were divided up into groups of 9 - 10 attorneys. My group was group 2 (that is what we called ourselves at least). One girl in the group knew everyone's name before we even got there. She later admitted that she did some internet searching to learn about us. I thought it was more on the funny side of the scale than creepy. Anyway, the social chair decided that we should all go out to dinner on Tuesday as class had late start on Wednesday. We all went to dinner, then out for "a" drink. "A" drink turned into a lot of pitchers.

Highlight of the evening was when our cute Texas girl goes up to the bar to order beer. She asks: What do ya'll have on tap?
Answer: PBR
Response: OK! I will take three pitchers of Baby Arm.

She comes back to the table and tells us she got Baby Arm. We are all baffled, then look around and see all of the PBR posters. Apparently she has never heard of Pabst Blue Ribbon and if you say it outloud quickly, I guess you can see where you can get Baby Arm.

Baby Arm was the continued joke all week and thank goodness b/c the serious environment of trial college was tough for Red to handle.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

He's Back!!

I woke up to a clunk - this is my water bottle being pushed off my night stand. A few minutes later, tap, tap...tap, tap, this is Willie tapping at my shoulder attempting to get me up. Next a fight ensues on my legs, Willie wants to wake me up and he doesn't want Jordy's assistance. After the fight, he climbs all the way up my body then jumps on the headboard, walking his way to the nightstand, proceeding to knock off magazines, pens and anything else that will make noise. He watches me for a few minutes from his perch on the nightstand and moves back to the bed. There is then a wet nose in my face, purring followed by meows.

I am just waiting for the morning when he yells, "b!tch, get up and get me my milk!"

Anyway, Willie is magically healed of whatever was wrong with him and is back in full force, better than ever :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Willie Sick??

I realize Willie hacked into my account and wrote a post about my smarts (or lack thereof), however, I think he deserves the spotlight once again. I took him to the vet yesterday because he "wasn't himself". Here were my examples:

1. He isn't stealing his sister's food
2. He isn't jumping up on the table begging for food during dinner.
3. He hasn't been getting on the counter looking for food.
4. He isn't begging to go outside.
5. He doesn't wake me up in the morning for his milk.
6. He isn't eating his daily food supply before 8 a.m. (he gets fed at 6 am).
7. He isn't fighting with his sister.

The vet is looking at me perplexed, as it sounds like maybe Willie has just decided to be a good kitty!! In all honesty though, he is lethargic and has no excitement for life right now. I sure hope it is nothing major, I will feel bad about joking about him :(

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'll get it myself

Guest post from Willie

My owners claim to be educated people, but I outsmart them every time, especially my Mother. I fool her with my desperate meows and she caves in giving me milk, letting me lick her plate or even giving me little morsels of people food. Of course, she gives me more table scraps when the big guy (Daddy) isn't around as he for some odd reason has an issue with me maintaining my svelte 14 lb figure. For some reason parents do their best to restrict MY food (1 measly cup of food a day), however, I do not notice they have the same restraint for their own diet....

I was HUNGRY this weekend as my Mom often forgets to feed me timely. I am left to savage for my own meal, whether this be stealing from my sister or finding food sources in other places. I lucked up this weekend as my brilliant Mother left a bag of food in a shelf on the garage....

My meal was just as simple as knocking it down from the shelf and using the garbage can as my tray.

AND the fool left her car windows open with her lunch bag fully accesible to me. Sargento is quite tasty. I really did nothing wrong here, as she was going to throw it away since it was not safe for human consumption after being in the car for 2 days. It was just fine for me though!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Country Girl!!

Yes, I am from a small town, but I am definitely not a country girl. Of course, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a country girl, I just am not one. For instance, I borrowed boots from my sister in law to start my outfit, and it took me about 2 hours of trying on clothes to find my perfect cowgirl outfit. I found myself googling Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift to get ideas. Admittedly, one problem was a belt that I just had to wear, but I wanted to wear a dress, not jeans. AHHHHH fashion dilemmas!!

Why was I dressing up as a cowgirl on an occasion other than Halloween you ask?? Well, there was a KSU fundraiser called the Powercat Auction and it had a cowboy theme. I really had no clue if people would be dressing up or not, but considering the fact that we are an "agricultural" school, I figured there would be a lot of real cowboys and girls there looking great in their boots and hats.

Here is what I came up with (hat courtesy of KSU):

I found my cowboy!!

Uh-oh!! I found a famous cowboy!!

Truth be told, my roommie wanted me to get a picture with him and I didn't want to. I get nervous around famous people. This is Jordy Nelson, a KSU alum, who plays for the Green Bay Packers (watch the 2011 Superbowl and you may be impressed). The reason I get nervous around famous people is b/c I tend to say silly things:
Me: Hi Jordy, will you sign my hat (cowboy hat)?
Jordy: Sure:
Me: This is probably silly to tell you, but I named my cat after you.
Jordy throws his head back in laughter and probably embarrassment
Me (as roommie has the camera): Can I take a picture with you?
Jordy: Sure
Me: You don't have to stand up, I will just squat down beside you.

I play this brief convo back in my head and just am reminded what a total geek I am. I am 100% confident Jordy remembers that some crazy girl named a feline after him, and is probably thinking can't you at least name a dog after me???

What I really needed:

These were auctioned off for the low price of $5,000!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I went to try on some clothes this weekend, and the dressing room attendant asked me my name. I told her, but didn't spell it out for her. Here is her interpretation: Che

I have seen a lot of different spellings, but this was a new one!! I couldn't get a picture of this, so you will just have to trust me on this one. How could I make that up??
The tail end of our vacation: Charleston. We did not enjoy Charleston. Nothing against the city, just a bad experience due to a little stomach bug (no, it wasn't a hangover) and the fact that our hotel was called Best Western Downtown but was about 2 miles from downtown (buzz kill - AND it was $125 a night for a Best Western!!!).

We arrived in Charleston Sunday afternoon and after getting over the fact that we couldn't switch hotels, we decided to make the best of it. We went on a boat cruise down the river that gave us a good view of Fort Sumter, an air craft carrier and general history. After that, we took a really cute carriage ride through the town of Charleston that gave us history on the buildings, houses, restaurants and shopping districts. Very enjoyable and a must do if you go to Charleston. Just make sure you don't get on a tour with a bunch of drunks unless you are drunk yourself. (we had that unfortunate experience - nothing against drinking, it was just not a drinking type of event).

I was sick from Sunday evening until late Monday night. I was so sick I called two good friends in the healthcare field inquiring if I needed to go to the hospital as I just kept getting worse. To top it off, we were in a very small hotel room, so my roommie had a wonderful time dealing with me being sick. Good thing is that I didn't have to go to the hospital and the other half didn't end up getting as sick as I was.

Here are some pics of Charleston:

Entrance to Boone Plantation - the most photographed plantation. I was told it was on some movie, but I can't remember, maybe you recognize it.

Boone Plantation House

Slave Quarters

GO USA!!! This is from the aircraft carrier, but in light of the most recent events in history, I thought this was a perfect picture. The American Flag is a beautiful piece of art, isn't it?

And to end on a funny note -

This sign gave me the giggles. I obviously took it in a totally inappropriate direction. Ha!