Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Snooze, I Abuse

....your property!! Only after a night of drinking did this sound like a good idea to do this to my neighbors car.

Oh no, I didn't feel like a royal ass when my neighbor tells me that as the family was walking out to the car to go to church the next morning his six year old said, "Dad, there are cans on the back of our car!" Good thing he can't read to know they were empty Miller Lights!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Mom, since you are reading this first, please go get Dad out of his chair and tell Dad that there is something on your machine that he needs to read:


Thank you for always making me laugh. I love that I inherited your funny sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself, I love that you wear pink shirts and pink crocs, I love that your hair gets really fluffy and you couldn't care less, I love that you are a man that loves toys (it was fun always having a four-wheeler, boat, jet ski and riding lawn mower), I love that you will grill me bbq chicken whenever I come home, I love that you help me keep my HEMI in tip top shape, I love that you want to take me to Nascar races, I love that you have more friends than I do, but most of all Dad, I love that you love me for being me. I love that you allowed me to do all of the things I ever wanted to do and supported me, success or failure.

Happy Father's Day Daddy-O.

Overwhelmed at Times, I am not talking about work, house cleaning or yard chores...I am talking about my luck at finding such a great roommate. As you probably are aware by now, I am not the sappiest person on the planet, but I have to be today.

Last night my roommate and I attended a KSU event and there was an auction. Let me just say that auctions are not good for me because I get very competitive and forget that we are spending actual money, not monopoly money. Anyway, up for auction is HARLEY DAY. What the heck is Harley Day? Well it is absolutely the best home football game b/c all of these motorcycles ride around on the track before the game. It is a roaring sound all through the stadium and through your body - it is awesome and almost brings tears to my eyes (I really love it that much, even though I am scared to ride a motorcycle!).

So, my roommate knows how much I love this and every year we say how cool it would be to do. AND lucky me, we won the auction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to tell you that I felt soooo overwhelmed that my roommate did this for me. I am still in sticker shock, but he just told me to enjoy it and it will be worth it. How freaking sweet is that??? The other great part??? My DADDY-O gets to do it with me!! Dad and his Harley will go to game with us!! Can't wait to post pics!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reality Show becomes TOO MUCH

Ok, I have refrained from writing about this since I am afraid my 7 followers will taper off, however, I have to get this off of my chest. I am sincerely heartbroken over Jon and Kate. I know Kate was a bit of a bulldog (but I understand, she has sooo many damn kids), however, how can this couple get divorced???? I just think this situation is so terribly sad. Just saw a promo that some big announcement is going to be made on the show on Monday and I hope it is that they are quitting the show, not each other.

One good thing about this is that this should be a huge wake-up call for people. Reality TV is not good for relationships, including my own!! I get too emotionally involved. Before I was married the Bachelor show caused one fight after another. My roommate and I also have different opinions on Kate......hopefully we will just keep those to ourselves after we find out what is going to happen on Monday.

Ta ta for now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Royal-ly Entertaining

Went to a Royals game this weekend....we took along my mother in law, unfortunately she liked the margaritas a little too much.

(the lady's shirt says Alcohol Compliance Supervisor)

Ha! Just kidding. They were controlling this crowd of younger kids who were just right at 21 (or were drinking like they just turned 21). Three different girls fell down the stairs on several occasions.

Just to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion - The mullet is back!!

And oh yeah, save yourself $5 and bring your own peanuts in your makeup bag.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't Worry, I'll Get It Myself!!

I think there is something I need to explain about my child before getting into the meat of this post. HE LIVES FOR FOOD. His live revolves around eating. So much so, he has been on a diet (Cat-kins Diet Food) for about 4 years. He has yo-yoed (like all dieters do), but this past year he took off 4 lbs. In order to help him with his eating disorder, he is on a timer. We have a food feeder that is set to give him small amounts of food every 4 hours. Willie has "his" clock set to this timer. Again, he LIVES for this timer.

Ok, so to the story...Roommate and I were out Saturday afternoon and evening. Me, the horrible parent I am, forgot to set Willie's feeding before we left. When this happens (usually about once a week, OOPS!), Willie is greeting us at the door with some not so nice words and will not shut up until he gets fed. Well, when we walked in Saturday night about 10 pm, Willie just ran into the garage. Very weird....hmmm.....

Well, he showed me! He doesn't have to wait on me for food....he will get it himself.

Willie first had to move some silly papertowels to the floor...does she think I am too fat to jump up to the second shelf???

Here we are, now I will just have to work my way into the bag.....

so simple, I could do this with my eyes shut...

Better play dead before she kills me!

Friday, June 5, 2009

National Donut Day

OMG....Did not know this holiday existed!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DONUTS!!! However, I only allow myself about 3-4 donut eating episodes a year for the simple fact that I eat about 6 in one day. I love, love, love, them!! Daylight Donuts are my absolute favorite but I also love Krispy Kremes. I love a good ol glazed donut in the microwave for about 8 seconds, love a chocolate long john, love the sour cream donuts, love the strawberry cake donut and really, have you ever tried a fritter? Absolute deliciousness. Go out and celebrate my friends, its a holiday!!

Here is proof, if you don't believe me:
It's National Donut Day!



Doughnuts (AP Photo)

It's National Doughnut Day, and you know what that means -- FREE DOUGHNUTS!

The Salvation Army created the holiday, which is always celebrated on the first Friday in June, in 1917 to boost the morale of troops fighting in WWI. According to, those doughnuts were fried in oil inside an American soldier's metal helmet.

Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme outlets both are commemorating the holiday by giving out free doughnuts.

To get your freebee at Dunkin' Donuts, you'll need to buy a drink. But there are no strings attached at Krispy Kreme.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Two Women and a Truck

Yesterday I was sent on a "simple" errand. Not so much.....My friend K and I went to go pick up some slat wall with her brother's pick up truck. We loaded each piece in the bed of the truck, as far back as we could get it, and then the rest was hanging out of the bed of the truck (the tail gate was down). The boards were pretty heavy, so we though all was well as long as K, the driver, took it easy. (She tends to drive a bit fast.) We were easing along, and at one point, we stopped near a Home Depot to make sure it wasn't sliding. It wasn't, so there was no need to go buy bungees or rope. Then we go another few miles, stop to get lunch, and the boards are still perfect. Now we are on our way home, get to a busy intersection and clump.
K: What did we hit? (I thought we hit something too!)
Red: As I turn around I see the boards in the intersection. Shit!
K: Let me reverse. Nope, can't reverse into an intersection
Red: "They all fell out!" (My hands are gesturing wildly and I am in a bit of a panic) Red jumps out and runs to the intersection, stopping traffic, as K goes around the median to help me.

Red runs out and frantically is dragging each board out of the intersection, and at one point I had to put my hand up to stop an Accord from driving over the boards (women drivers!). FINALLY, when there are only two boards left in the street, two men get out of their cards to help me, then by that time K had arrived again. The man put UP the tail gate and said this will help them from falling out. (Oh, now that makes sense!) Loaded them back up and we made it home....with all 6 boards in tact.

Funny thing is, I was scared to tell my roommate. I told K we would keep this between us. She said she would follow my lead. After about 15 minutes upon our return home, I couldn't keep it in and told him, burst into laughter, and all was well. So ladies, here is how to load boards into a truck. Now you all have no excuse for an accident like mine! Ha!