Friday, June 24, 2011

Strawberry Update

My strawberry is growing!! I think I may only have one strawberry to harvest this season, let's hope it tastes good!! I will not be sharing this with my roommie either.

I also planted a few tomato plants, cucumber, bell pepper and jalapeno plant. I only allowed myself a little room for my plants, behind some grasses, so it is hard to get a good picture. They are thriving from what I can tell. I am very excited about this. I hated the garden when I was a child (I actually remember telling my parents the only reason they had kids was so we could pick the beans), but I am loving this. I do not ever plan on having more than a few plants, but next year I do plan on extending out my garden to give me a little more growing room. More digging. Ugghhhhhh.

I did not plant watermelon, but I do have watermelon cookies to show you!! No, they are not watermelon flavored, they just are iced to look like watermelons (hopefully!!). I also tried to make strawberries .I didn't have a cookie cutter for a strawberry so I was trying to cut a strawberry shape, so as you can image, those flopped. That is what I am letting the other half eat. He is more than happy to eat the flops, in fact he came to bed with two in hand!! Sexy.

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