Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey Ya'll

Sorry for the August and September hiatus. I started a new job and was unable to figure out how to post during work hours. I probably should technically not be doing this during work hours, but let's just say I am on a smoke break. At one of my old jobs, I would literally take "smoke breaks" just so I could get out of the building. You can say that I was pretty miserable if I was desperate enough to inhale smoke for 10 minutes.

I was in Arkansas this past weekend for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. Get this - I DO NOT HAVE ONE PICTURE FROM IT!! I am very disappointed with myself that I was a let down in this area. We had a great turnout and after Mom was over the intial shock, I think she enjoyed it. Luke and Kenni loved the idea of helping throw a party, but once they realized that it is not all fun and decorating, that you actually have to pick up everything you put out, they were not so enamored with the idea.

I also need to point out that I get Aunt of the year award (not that I had much competition) as I went swimming with the kids in rather nippy water. I was actually the last one standing in the water - six year olds even thought it was cold. If Dad had the boat in the water I would have taken a last ski for the year, but no luck. In addition to the swimming, I bought Goonies and Gremlins for the kids. They loved them. Goonies was a little scary, but the Gremlins was a giggle fest for them. That is, until they dropped the laptop (they had no idea what happened!) and I had to take it away from them. Uggh, it really sucks to be mean sometimes.

My roommie was in North Carolina working last month and he is home now, so life will get back to our crazy normal. Ya know, our calendar revolving around KSU. We are heading to our 1st football game of the season, against Baylor. Let's hope we can keep the momentum from last weekend going!! I promise to provide some pics in the next post. I realize that reading is much less entertaining when there are no pics.

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