Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Patti the Co- Pilot

A few weekends ago, I went to an air show. I was not thrilled about this excursion, but it was mostly because it was so darn hot. Truth be told, I really enjoyed it. I have this secret desire to have an airplane (not so secret anymore!), but I know since I am directionally challenged, the best I could ever do was co-pilot. My roommie bought me a ride on a PT-19 - it was a open cockpit plane that was used for training back in the day (I won't embarrass myself and try to give a date, I think the plane dates back to the 30's, but again, I really don't know).

My roommie expected me to be a little scared, but I wasn't at all. The thing I was most scared about was me getting in the plane in a dress. Good news all, no undies display occurred. The flight was a 20 minute flight, but felt like 5 since I had so much fun. We even did a touch down (touched down on the strip and zoomed back up).

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Anonymous said...

Amusing Red has not been very amusing lately. Where are you ????